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Why Our Studio Is Different?

Restore Pilates of The Woodlands was imagined and established with private instruction sessions in mind. With 3 founders, all private based instructors, came together with a vision that allowed ownership amongst all instructors and flexibility for everyone to create their dream studio. And presto chango...Restore Pilates and 3 chicks are off and running.


Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations are required 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in being charged for that session. All cancellations should be made to your individual instructor. However, if she cannot be reached you can call or email the studio and we will relay the information. 

There are no refunds. But, there are makeup sessions. All makeup sessions should be completed by the end of the calendar month. Sessions will not be rolled over to the next month. Please get with your instructor to discuss this option if needed for rescheduled sessions.


How The Studio Works

We have 3 awesome full time private Pilates instructors. All instructors have been trained in classical pilates instruction on all apparatus and have then furthered their education in different modalities. Please call Restore Pilates of The Woodlands for pilates classes and we will return your phone call within 24 hours and set you up with the best fit for your goals!


Now For The Fun

We have a good time! Restore Pilates of The Woodlands is not here to tell you how to live your life. The best part of having private Pilates sessions is that you can take a phone call. You can stop and go to the bathroom. You can stop and sit up and vent about the guy who cut you off on the way over. And you will still be told keep talking and do 4 more.


These 3 chicks believe in what we do and how we do it. Our PROMISE is to say the magic words "your done" and for you to say "already"? And then for you to walk away with no pain and walking a little taller and a little stronger.



Payment is made directly to your instructor at the time of your session. Each instructor sets their own hourly/weekly/monthly rates. Although all instructors are based at the same hourly rate, we are all individual entities.



Please keep all of your information on file up to date. At your first appointment you will fill out an information form with all the usual mumbo jumbo on it and very important information such as your physical well being. This is the information that should be continually updated. And ofcourse, your email. How else are we going to send you our super awesome updates on what the studio is doing?

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